Dining Corner Restaurant

Thai Menu


Yam Nua Yang

tossed of grilled slice beef with glass noodles, chili, coriander, and chili lime dressing

IDR 85.000

Sang Wa Goong Yang

tossed grilled prawn with mint, coriander, lemongrass and thai chili dressing

IDR 85.000

Thai Tempeh

fried Tempe, cucumber salad and chili dipping

IDR 70.000

Yum Ma Muang Gai

tossed grilled chicken and mango with shallot and chili lime dressing

IDR 75.000

Yam Pla Meuk Yang

tossed grilled squid with tomato, coriander, mint and chili lime

IDR 75.000


Tom Yum Goong

hot and sour thai soup with prawn, mushroom, chili, lemongrass and coriander

IDR 85.000

Tom Kha Gai

coconut galangal thai soup with chicken

IDR 70.000


Kaeng Phet Gai Sai Nor Mai

thai red curry with chicken, bamboo shoots, tomato and chili

IDR 125.000

Kaeng Ka – Ri Goong

thai red curry with prawn, snake bean, and pineapple

IDR 175.000

Kaeng Khiao Wan Heua

thai green curry with beef, apple eggplant, and tomato

IDR 195.000

Kaeng Keow Wan

thai green curry with vegetable and tofu

IDR 125.000


Crying Tiger (Signature)

North eastern Thai beef steak that is made from grill of beef served with spicy Thai chili dipping (Nam Jim Jaew), fresh cucumber, cabbage, coriander tomato, mint leaf and steam rice

IDR 195.000

Pad Thai

stir fried flat rice noodles with eggs, prawn, bean sprout, coriander and basil

IDR 145.000

Phat Neua Naam Man Hawy

stir fried beef with mushroom, bean sprout, onion, basil, and oyster sauce

IDR 195.000

Gai Phat Met Ma Muang Himmapaan

stir fried chicken with cashew nut and dried chili

IDR 125.000


Kluay Buat Chi

thai style banana in coconut milk

IDR 50.000

Khaw Ma Muang Phudding Si Da

sticky sweet black rice pudding with mango

IDR 55.000

Gai Phat Met Mamuang Himmapan
Kaeng Ka-Ri Kung
Khaw Mamuang Pudding Si Da
Paad Thai
Tom Yum Goong