Dining Corner Restaurant

Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Menu

Garden Salad (V) (gf)

Lettuces, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, avocado and balsamic dressing

IDR 65.000

Tofu Salad (V)(gf)

Tofu, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and peanut butter chili dressing

IDR 70.000

Vietnamese Roll (V)

Capsicum, cucumber, cabbage, shredded lettuce and chili dipping

IDR 65.000

Vegetables Lumpia (Veg)

deep fried Indonesian vegetables spring roll with sweet sour sauce

IDR 65.000

Corn Cake (V)

Corn and vegetables cake with avocado tomato salsa

IDR 70.000

Vegetables Pad Thai (V)

Rice noodle, vegetables, basil chili and coriander

IDR 85.000

BBQ Tempeh (V)(gf )

Grilled marinated tempeh, corn salad and steam rice

IDR 85.000

Vegetables and Tofu Curry (V)(gf)

Mixed vegetables and tofu coconut curry sauce

IDR 90.000

Bombay Fried Rice (V)

Vegetarian Stir fried rice with chili, peas, tomato and potato

IDR 115.000

Nasi Campur Vegetables (V)(gf)

Steam rice, sautéed garlic vegetables, fried of tofu and Tempe, coconut spice, chili lemongrass sambal

IDR 115.000

Eggplant Teriyaki (V)

Grilled eggplant with teriyaki ginger sauce and steam rice

IDR 85.000

Sate Tahu (V)

Grilled tofu skewer with peanut sauce and steam rice

IDR 85.000

Mie Goreng Sayur (Veg)

stir fried egg noodle and vegetables with egg, crackers and pickles

IDR 75.000

All price are subject to 21% tax and service charge